Why choose No Limits?

No Limits (an IFYS Ltd Initiative) is a registered NDIS Service Provider (Provider number 4050007214).

We are an established service provider across Queensland, with significant experience and understanding of the Disability, Child Protection and Justice Sectors. We run a broad range of programs assisting individuals and families to achieve their goals in life. We see the talent and abilities individuals possess and provide opportunities for them to shine.

Why Choose No Limits Support Coordination and Plan Management

  • At No Limits we know anything is possible
  • We understand the NDIS and are committed to the principles of choice and control
  • We coordinate all aspects of an NDIS plan, making connections with service providers and you
  • We are skilled at navigating different service systems particularly where they intersect such as between disability and health
  • All our Support Coordinators are trained and passionate about this work
  • We have a purpose built IT platform which supports our service delivery and reporting
  • We seek to provide the highest standards in customer service and meet all NDIS Quality and safeguards requirements.

No Limits provides two levels of support coordination. The NDIS can provide funding for you to receive:

  1. Support Coordination – coordination of support. This support will assist you to develop the skills you need to understand, implement and use your plan. A Support Coordinator will work with you to ensure a mix of supports are used to increase your capacity to maintain relationships, manage service delivery, live more independently and become more involved in your community.

  2. Specialist Support Coordination. This is for participants whose situations are more complex and who need specialist supports. A specialist support coordinator will assist you to manage the challenges that present for you in your support environment and ensure stability of service delivery. 

What are the advantages of plan management?

The NDIS pays someone to manage the funding in your plan. A plan manager will:
  • Receive and pay invoices
  • Claim payment from the NDIS portal
  • Provide monthly statements summarising expenditure and provide a breakdown of your budget. 
Being Plan Managed, gives you the advantage of purchasing non-NDIS approved service providers, giving you complete control of your services and funds. 
No Limits has the ability to allow you to track your budgets, invoices and approvals all in real time, through an app on your phone.